About Us


We Are Woman-Owned and Operated

 We are one of the few financial advisory firms in the United States that are both woman-owned and woman-operated.  This gives us a different perspective on the solutions we provide and how we provide them.  We pride ourselves on listening to our clients, understanding their needs, supporting an inclusive business environment, and appreciating the diversity and uniqueness of each client and situation.


We Have Extensive Financial Experience and a Strong Investment Track Record

Our Chief Investment Officer has over 20 years of financial analysis and strategy experience, including 15 years managing and leading a top-performing endowment portfolio.  The holistic financial management and portfolio construction of an endowment portfolio can be applied to the management of individual portfolios, bringing asset allocation expertise and relationships with top-performing investment managers and strategies that can often only be accessed by large institutions.  For large client portfolios, alternative investment strategies, such as private equity and venture capital investments, can be incorporated into the portfolio.  Top-performing investments of this type require a unique area of expertise and can often only be accessed through relationships that have been built over many years.


We are Fiduciaries

  We are not a big firm that cares only about shareholder profits - we are a boutique firm with one goal: to provide the best service and financial outcomes possible for our clients, free from conflicts of interest. We are fiduciaries, which means are actions are guided by what is best for you, and we are dedicated to your financial success. We do not accept any compensation from anyone other than our clients.

We also are not distracted by running a large firm.  Your financial strategy and investment portfolio will be constructed by our Chief Investment Officer, not a junior team member.  Therefore, you will receive the attention you deserve.