financial planning


Our integrated financial planning and investment management services design a strategy help you meet your financial goals.  We begin by learning about your current financial situation, your goals, and what matters the most to you.  Once we have a solid understanding of your financial picture, and what needs to be accomplished, we develop a financial strategy and plan to help get you there.  Your financial plan is fluid, and we will adjust it as your individual circumstances change.

Examples of how we can provide financial planning expertise include:

  • Retirement
  • College savings
  • Cash flow and debt management, including student loans
  • Financial management after a major life event, such as the death of a spouse or relative, or divorce
  • Stock options and restricted stock
  • Financial scenario planning
  • Inheritance
  • Customized investment strategy and management 

These services are all completed with special attention to maximizing the tax efficiency of all financial decisions.  Our services are all enabled through technology, which allows you to view your overall financial plan, your progress in reaching your goals, and aggregates your finances and spending all in one place.  

Are you concerned about retirement?  Watch our short, 1-minute  video below to see a preview of our planning and technology, and how we can help you reach your retirement goals!

investment management

A top-performing investment portfolio will help you achieve your financial goals.  

Once we have a solid understanding of your financial picture and goals, we we will construct a customized investment portfolio.  Your customized portfolio will be built on a solid asset allocation foundation, which we will develop based on your investing time frame, risk tolerance, and tax situation.  Other influences that will further refine your asset allocation include an assessment of current market opportunities and private investment options for large portfolios. 

Once we determine your customized asset allocation, we will  prepare a personalized Investment Policy, which will provide a framework for our selection of the investments that will be used to build your portfolio.  Your Investment Policy statement may include specific guidelines and preferences you have for values-based investing, such as environmental or social considerations.  

We will continue to monitor your portfolio and recommend changes based on updates to your financial situation and goals, market developments, and analysis of individual investments within your portfolio.